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Who are the Wrens?

The Wren Choir, also termed “Cambridge’s Graduate Choir” meets for rehearsals and performances almost exclusively during the University Vacations, thus is suitable for those who have a link with the University but are now postgraduates or employed full-time in Cambridge or the surrounding area. It is particularly suitable for those who either have a Term-time choir, or heavy teaching commitments during Term which mean they miss out on choir membership entirely. Membership is open to anyone who has a past or present link with the University who is an experienced singer. Ideally, prospective members will have sung in a collegiate choir at some point, prefarably for more than two years, and have good sight-reading skills – but equally important is the willingness to work on music between rehearsals and the desire to improve as well as enjoy singing. 

The commitment is low as members sign up to do a particular performance and the associated rehearsals if they are available. People are not blacklisted if they have a couple of busy vacations and can’t join in for a while. Rehearsals and most performances take place in Pembroke’s “Wren” Chapel, and are always in the evening, normally at 6pm after the working day. The Wrens are social choir, and rehearsals are generally followed by the chance to go to a pub with other choir members. 

Our director is Karol Jaworski. If you are interested in being alerted by email to when and where the Wren Choir will next be performing, go to https://www.srcf.net/mailman/listinfo/wren-event. Then follow the instructions to sign up to a low volume email list. An email will be sent out approximately a week before our next performance.

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Our Committee

We currently have space on our committee if you can help with the relatively small amoung of admin involved in running the choir.
Soprano and event coordinator

Catherine White

Early music fan, addicted to sight-reading

Karol Jaworski

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
Organiser extraordinaire

Heather Coleman