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Friendly singing for those bereft outside of Term

About the Wrens

Quick Summary

The Wren Choir, also termed "Cambridge's Graduate Choir" meets for rehearsals and performances almost exclusively during the University Vacations, thus is suitable for those who have a link with the University but are now postgraduates or employed full-time in Cambridge or the surrounding area.
Sociable and Welcoming

No regular commitment, we sign up each project on its own basis, as we know people are busy!

Out-of-term choir

Many of our members are or have been involved in college chapel choirs, the Wrens fill the long gaps.

High Quality Music-making

We expect people to be able to sightread their parts quite accurately at the first attempt, allowing us to focus on ensemble and enjoy the music.


Karol Jaworski

Karol Jaworski

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Not many - covid!

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What Members Say

Why sing with the Wrens?

"I joined the Wrens while still an undergraduate after turning up to hear a rehearsal of Komm, Jesu, Komm and loving it so much I asked to join!"
Catherine White
"The Wren Choir is welcoming and friendly"
Heather Coleman
"Of course I like the singing, but almost as enjoyable are the post-rehearsal pub trips. Hopefully we will get back to them post-Covid."
Frank Lee